Calculated Risk:
Real name: Bill McBride (author since Jan 2005)
A full time blogger, Mr. McBride retired as a senior executive from a small public company in the '90s. Mr. McBride holds an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, and has a background in management, finance and economics.
Real name: Doris Dungey (contributor from Dec 2006 through November 2008)
Tanta passed away on November 30, 2008. Please see: Tanta: In Memoriam and from the NY Times Doris Dungey, Prescient Finance Blogger, Dies at 47.
For media requests: Please feel free to quote from the blog (with a reference). I'm not looking for any personal publicity, but I'm happy to discuss economic and housing issues for background (emails or phone calls). Please feel free to email me (address in menu bar).
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